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Recent Major Projects

Selected current and recent projects by Dr Ralph Chapman include:

Housing, Heating and Health (Late 2004 - present). With Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman and the Housing and Health Research Programme Wellington School of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Otago; funded by the New Zealand Health Research Council. Heater analysis report: Housing, Heating and Health Study: Heater Analysis.

The Value of Urban Design (Dec 2004 - March 2005). With the School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington. A report for the Ministry for the Environment, Wellington City Council and Auckland Regional Council. Main document: The Value of Urban Design. Summary document: Summary of The Value of Urban Design.

An environmental framework for the New Zealand Electricity Commission (April 2004 - Jan 2005). Major role in this project, with Hill Young Cooper.

A sustainable energy framework for New Zealand (February - Sept 2004). Contribution to a cross-government project led by the Ministry of Economic Development. Complete document: Sustainable Energy

OECD Environmental Performance Review of the USA (May - July 2004). A chapter on integration between the economy and the environment - part of the OECD's report on US environmental performance, to be published in early 2005.

OECD Environmental Performance Review of Sweden (December 2003 - February 2004). A chapter on integration between the economy and the environment - part of the OECD's report on Sweden's environmental performance. Access to the report

Economic Development and Health Policy (February 2004). A report to the Public Health Advisory Committee, National Health Committee (New Zealand), by Ralph Chapman and Associate-Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman. This paper examines what current and developing strategic frameworks are being used to steer economic development, and how those frameworks might be shaped to include important health impacts.

Infrastructure stocktake: the link between infrastructure and sustainable development (November 2003). A report for the Ministry of Economic Development, by Ralph Chapman; Eddy Goldberg; Guy Salmon and Jim Sinner of Ecologic. This project examines the links between infrastructure and the various dimensions of sustainability - economic, social, cultural and environmental.

A Review of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment's discussion document, 'Electricity, Energy and the Environment' (August 2003). A report for the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority.

Marine Research in New Zealand: a Survey and Analysis. (July 2003). A Project of the Ministry of Research, Science and Technology, by Ralph Chapman, Carol Lough (MORST) and Chris Cosslett. This survey provides a benchmark overview of current and recent New Zealand marine research, both publicly and privately funded, and publicly and privately provided.

Encouraging Carbon Sequestration in Plantation Forests (June 2003). Contribution to an ongoing project of Motu Economic and Public Policy Research. This report, with Suzi Kerr and Emma Brunton of Motu, provides background for examining policy measures for carbon sequestration in plantation forests in New Zealand. It forms part of a broader project on the issues and tradeoffs involved in policy design for carbon sequestration in New Zealand.

Environmental Changes: A contribution to the Futures Project of the State Services Commission (April 2003). In this report I survey pressures and trends in four important environmental areas - biosecurity, freshwater, urban development, and meeting New Zealand's climate change commitments.

Climate Change response options offering opportunities for nature conservation (February 2003). Prepared for the Department of Conservation, by Wren Green, Ralph Chapman and Justin Ford-Robertson. In this report we examine conservation opportunities arising in the context of the Kyoto Protocol and the Framework Convention on Climate Change, including opportunities lying outside announced policy measures.

An investigation of contestable selection processes in the New Zealand government sector (January 2003). Prepared for the New Zealand Climate Change Project, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. In this report, I survey five "contestable" selection processes that the New Zealand government currently operates, and draw relevant lessons for the Climate Change Project mechanism's approach

OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: some pointers for the forthcoming examination of New Zealand. (January 2003). Prepared for the Ministry for the Environment. In this short report I look at the examination process which will follow the forthcoming OECD Environmental Performance Review of New Zealand, and how we can approach this as an opportunity to discuss with a sympathetic audience how best to refine the configuration of New Zealand's environmental policy and performance.

The Growth and Innovation Framework, environment and sustainability - linking frameworks and indicators. (November 2002). Prepared for the Ministry of Economic Development. In this paper, I show how progress can be made in integrating and aligning two sets of important objectives of the New Zealand government - its Growth and Innovation Framework (GIF) goals, and its environmental objectives - within an overall sustainable development framework.

Climate policy in the Netherlands: some pointers for New Zealand. (May 2002). Prepared with the support of the Netherlands Embassy. In this paper I summarise pointers for New Zealand's climate change policy approach, derived from my experience of living and working in the Netherlands in 2002.