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Published Papers

Published papers by Dr Ralph Chapman include:

2007 "Retrofitting houses with insulation: a cost-benefit analysis of a randomised community trial"

2005 (with Newman, P. and Bachels, M.) “Sustainable transport for sustainable cities: policy implications for managing development in New Zealand cities.” Public Sector. December.

2005 (with Howden-Chapman, P., Hales, S., and Keskimäki, I.) The Impact of Economic Recession on Youth Suicide: a comparison of New Zealand and Finland. Wellington: Ministry of Health

2005 (with McIndoe, G. et al) "The Value of Urban Design. The economic, environmental and social case for urban design." and "The Value of Urban Design. Summary: the economic, environmental and social benefits of urban design." Wellington: Ministry for the Environment

2004 "The Dutch Sustainable Energy Transition and its applicability to New Zealand." Public Sector, 27 (4), pp23-28.

2003 "A policy mix for environmental sustainability: lessons from Dutch experience." New Zealand Journal of Environmental Law, 7, pp29-51.

2003 (with Lough, C) Marine Research in New Zealand: a Survey and Analysis. A project of the Ministry for Research, Science and Technology. Wellington: MORST.

2003 "A path for environment-economy integration" Paper presented at 2003 Conference of the New Zealand Association of Economists.

2002 "Ideas percolate slowly into New Zealand." Future Times, 4,pp3-5. http://www.futurestrust.org.nz/futuretimes/ft02-4/Chapman.html

1998 (with Gray, E.) Slowing the Burning: New Zealand's Climate Change Policy Approach. New Zealand Journal of Environmental Law, 2, pp225-232.

1997 (with Howden-Chapman, P.) Risk and uncertainty in environmental and environmental health policy. In Our Natural Environment at a Crossroad. Proceedings of the Third Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment (Cambridge, Massachusetts, June 1997), pp35-50.

1996 (with Harte, M.) From Common Property to Resource Right Regimes: the Evolving Policy Debate. Public Sector. September.

1996 (with Williamson, B.) Managing atmospheric property rights: an evolving New Zealand policy approach. Public Sector. September.

1996 (with Howden-Chapman, P L , Isaacs, N, Crane J) Housing and health: the relationship between research and policy. International Journal of Environmental Health Research, 6.

1996 (with Harte, M; Lewin, K; Zuur, B; and Meijer, J) Towards Strategic Environmental Priority Setting: Comparative Risk Assessment Scoping Study. Wellington: Ministry for the Environment. June.

1995 Improving Policy Advice Processes: Strategic Outcome Definition, Policy Evaluation and a Competitive Policy Market. Public Sector, June.